FAA Repair Station DM4R133M
EASA 145.4107

Aircraft Systems, Division of Com-Jet Corp.

Our Services

At Aircraft Systems, it is our responsibility to build trust and teamwork, while globally promoting sound ideas and continuing to professionally maintain enabled solutions, so that we may assertively initiate performance based on expertise with 100% on-time delivery.

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In an effort to meet the demands of the ever growing Aviation Industry, Aircraft Systems is constantly acquiring tooling, test equipment and training to expand our capabilities. We currently list over 24,000 components and accessories. Additionally, we are continuously updating and adding items to our capabilities to better serve you. We detest providing our customers with a "no capability" response and will exhaust every resource before we have to do so.

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Time Zones

  • Eastern   Fri 10:29:27 pm
  • Central   Fri 7:29:27 pm
  • Pacific   Fri 5:29:27 pm
  • China   Sat 8:29:27 am